Are Savoury Snacks the New Hype

this Ramadan?

As our market for snacks and finger food continues to expand to cater to our hunger for convenience, we are now in a fortunate position to be spoiled for choice with the different options we have for Halal snacks and kuehs during the festive season. The increase in its variety has helped us satisfy our ever-changing tastes and preferences. Therefore, the rise in popularity of non-traditional snacks came to no one’s surprise. Having savoury, salty, and seasoned treats have been seen as unique and trendy. Meanwhile, the tradition of having handmade sweet bakes to fill the jars for everyone to enjoy still holds its place in our hearts. Here are some savoury and sweet options from Bazaar Kita this festive season!

1. BC Bites Murukku

Addictive, crunchy and seasoned just right, murukkus are familiar to Indians and Malays throughout Southeast Asia. BC Bites never disappoints in offering a range of savoury treats that will leave you licking your fingers! Get your hands on the Omapodi (long thin pieces), Boondi (small round balls) and more! Here’s the best part – their murukkus are sold at affordable rates and come in a variety of sizes!


Craving the numbing, spicy mala tingle this Ramadan? Lucky for us, Bazaar Kita offers you the chance to get bite-sized mala flavoured chips for you to munch on after iftar! OOH SG is one of the leading stores offering Halal mala snacks – including nuts, potato chips, prawn crackers and so much more!

3. Hot Spicy Mama

The crunch of crisped up anchovies and fried crispy onions always hit the spot when you indulge in meals like Nasi lemak. Did you know that Spicy Mama Official Store captures that familiar feeling and bottles it in mini jars for you to enjoy whenever you want? Great news, they’re having a discount on Shopee! So hurry and prepare to get your hands covered in salty goodness (or have it with your rice!


Of course, we cannot disregard tradition. Having sweet kuehs and cookies during Raya is still essential! In Bazaar Kita, we’ve got merchants selling delicious sweet treats too – enough to add to your home-baked collection.

1. MadeByRappa

Can’t decide between traditional almond cookies or European madeleines? Have MadeByRappa decide for you with an assortment of Eurasian baked goodies. Enjoy the rustic homebaked natural flavours but with an elegant and photogenic look! Grab them while you still can!

2. SnackRight

Have something bite-sized but pack a flavour punch with SnackRight’s assortment of cookies! Giving the traditional chocolate chip cookie a different take, SnackRight has a wide range of treats to fill your cookie jar – ranging from orange-flavoured cookies to dark, sensuous chocolate! In fact, they sell candied dried fruits for you to snack on too if you want something less sweet.