Top 6 Iftar Must-haves for a Cosy Iftar at Home!

Time flies, and we’re already past 10 days of Ramadan! During this month, the common question we hear each day is “What should we eat for Iftar today?”. Trust us, we know how hard the decision can be, especially since there are so much foods and desserts to choose from, on top of the many promotions, offers and deals available all around! And of course, not to mention the daily ever-changing cravings we all have!

Not to worry, we’ve prepared a list of 5 Iftar Essentials that you can’t leave out! From the crowd-favourite Ayam Percik to sweet treats like Nutella tarts, a cosy Iftar meal that satisfy each palette will no longer be a difficult task!

1. Putu pring

Think Putu Piring and we’re sure that Haig Road Putu Piring will come to mind! Who knew that a simple snack such as the Putu Piring will one day become world-famous, and even appear on a Netflix documentary? The brand has made an unforgettable name for themselves and the sweet and savoury scent of this hawker favourite is bound to catch your attention!

Did we mention that this traditional favourite is also available for same day delivery? Yes that’s right, you can get Haig Road Putu Piring delivered hot and fresh to your doorstep through Bazaar Kita! So order now!

2. Ayam Penyet

Ah yes, Ayam Penyet. The well-loved comfort food that is perfect for anytime of the day if you’re looking for a hearty meal to fill your stomach. Our favourite is from Super Penyet! With tender chicken meal accompanied by fragrant rice and fiery hot sambal, Super Penyet’s signature Ayam Penyet will have you finishing your plate in no time!

Super Penyet also delivers its signature dishes on the daily, and you can order from Bazaar Kita via Bungkus by 1pm, to have your favourites delivered on the same day! So wait no more, treat the family to a hearty Iftar meal today!

3. Ayam Percik

When physical bazaars were still around, Ayam Percik was easily one of the essential must-haves when choosing what to eat! While physical bazaars are not the same because of safety measures, one might think that this bazaar favourite is not attainable this year! Fret not, Vintage Tree Catering serves up Ayam Percik (among many other delicious foods!) and delivers them straight to you!

These juicy chicken pieces are beautifully grilled with a generous amount of flavourful sauce giving you a charred, savoury taste that will leave you wanting more! A delicious add-on to any dish or works perfectly as a standalone dish, these Ayam Percik is guaranteed to bring you back to the vibrant and exciting Ramadan bazaars we all know of.

4. Nasi Ambeng

Nothing complements a friends/family gathering better than Nasi Ambeng. Possibly the best way to get the best of everyone’s favourite Malay dishes, Nasi Ambeng is a go-to for Malay food lovers. At Istimewa Nasi Padang, you can get Nasi Ambeng sets for 1, 2 or 4 pax. each set comes with a colourful array of dishes that include favourites such as Ayam Lemak Cili Padi, Urap and of course, Bergedil.

Get Nasi Ambeng from Istimewa Nasi Padang delivered hot and fresh to you with Bazaar Kita today!

5. Kurma

What’s a list of Iftar essentials if you don’t include Kurma? It is highly encouraged to break your fast with dates as they are a great way to increase your bloody glucose levels, making them a quick source of energy and nutrients! Abou Dates ensures high quality dates for your Iftar meals. Also, they’re packaged nicely to ensure top quality dates during shipping!

Break your fast with only the best type of dates with Abou Dates today!

Bazaar Kita 2021
6. Artisanal Drinks

After all that good food for Iftar, nothing beats washing them down with beautifully crafted artisanal drinks! The team behind Kopiboy serves up unique drinks with attractive minimalist packaging that not only are delicious, but make for perfect gifts! Yes, they do have gift sets too!

We love the drinks at Kopiboy so much that we can’t pick a favourite! So if you haven’t already, get your hands on these drinks today!