Top 5 Kuih Must-Haves for Hari Raya
With a blink of an eye, Hari Raya is just around the corner, and the household is just getting busier with the Raya preparations! From house decorations to outfits, you name it! However, there is one element that truly complements the whole house. Whether it’s sweet, savoury or sometimes salty, without this element, the house isn’t Raya-ready at all!
If the word “Kuih” is on your mind, then that’s right! Kuih Raya has been essential for every household, with some houses having more than 20 different types of kuih, much to the delight of their guests. Whether it’s the traditional ones or the modern kuihs, we’ve curated a list of our favourite 5, so read on!
bazaar 2021
1. Suji
Suji cookies are melt-in-your-mouth bitesize goodness that is a top favourite for Hari Raya. Trust us when we say that a house visit isn’t complete without eating at least one piece of Suji! Don’t let the plain appearance fool you. These irresistible cookies come in different flavours, and offer a distinctive nutty taste that will leave you wanting more.
MadebyRappa serves up one of our favourite Suji cookies! Suji are her best sellers! Good news, you can get her Suji cookies and her other delicious treats from Bazaar Kita!
2. Honey Cornflakes (with an added sweet twist!)
If we’re talking about Kuihs that run out quickly because they’re just so good, Honey Cornflakes will top the list! While they’re so simple, it’s normal to prepare at least 2-3 bottles in your home because these goodies will be gone as soon as you serve them!
Our friends from offers this traditional favourite with an added twist! Calling it her ABCs, these Honey Cornflakes are topped with Almond Banana Crunch, giving you the added crunch and sweetness in this combination we never knew we needed!

bazaar 2021
bazaar 2021
3. Chocolate Chip Cookies
Let’s face it; Chocolate Chip Cookies are essential, no matter the occasion! Whether you’re celebrating Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, gifting it for a birthday or even just simply having it at home for a routine afternoon snack, Chocolate Chip Cookies have and always will be everyone’s favourite!
Vainpout sells its top-selling Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies by the bottle on Bazaar Kita! However, her treats tend to sell out quickly, so we suggest you place your orders soon if you don’t want to miss out!
4. Tapak Kuda
Ah yes, Tapak Kuda! These one-of-a-kind horseshoe-shaped swiss rolls are a favourite for any occasion. The best part is, they come in so many different flavours and are super IG-worthy, quickly making them the star of every show!
Serving up some of the best Tapak Kuda we’ve ever had, Shartini’s Food Journal’s Tapak Kudas come in many unique flavours. Choose from Mango Tango, Naga Sari, Ondeh Ondeh or Bubur Pulut Hitam, or all of them for your Hari Raya visits! 
Fun fact: Shartini is also the winner of Best Cake Designer in Halal Awards 2020, so you’re sure to get beautifully made treats from her! 
bazaar 2021
Bazaar 2021
5. Nutella Tarts
When we’re talking about modern Hari Raya Kuih, Nutella Tarts will always be top of the list! A sweet twist of the traditional Pineapple Tarts, Nutella Tarts are a hit for the young and old, and yes, this is another one that will definitely be a favourite at house visits, so be sure to have at least 3 bottles if you want to last the whole Syawal!
Our favourite Nutella Tarts are from Queensbake! With soft tarts and creamy Nutella topping, Queensbake has us ordering her Nutella tarts all year round!