I am not a member of SMCCI. Can I still register?

Yes you can.

Will SMCCI be charging me any fees in order to be part of this campaign?

Yes, there will be $88 campaign fee and transaction fees (between 2 to 5% dependent on platform partner) on top of prevailing platform fee for retail & F&B merchants respectively.

Please check our different packages to suit your needs.

Why is there a need to charge a campaign fee?

Dedicated resources have been set aside to promote the platform across different types of media and with various modalities.

This would mean that being part of this campaign will give higher visibility of your shop on the e-commerce platform.

As such, the campaign fee will be utilised in the above-mentioned manner.

Why is there a need to charge a transaction fee?

The transaction fee is utilised to fund the commercial costs of advertising the sale of the specific product of a store, which will lead to better sales of your products/services as it will be amplified on different platforms.

Notwithstanding, the transaction fees charged through Bazaar Kita are one of the most competitive in the market.

When do I have to make payment for the campaign fee & transaction fee?

Campaign fee will be paid to SMCCI before on-boarding onto partner platform.

Transaction fee will be deducted automatically from platform partner.

How long does it take for my application to be approved?

It will be approved within 1 to 2 business days.


I am selling food. Which platform should I join?

For pre-ordered food, you are able to list on Shopee.
However, for hot foods which need to be served on a tighter time period (e.g. just in time for Iftar) Bungkus would be the platform for you to join.

I am a Home-based business selling food. Will I still be able to list?

Yes, you will be able to list your products on our partners platform.

Pre-ordered food can be listed on Shopee, whereas just-in-time/hot  meals can be listed on Bungkus

Are there any specific certifications needed in order to sell F&B?

All Food & Beverage products have to be halal.

Hence, they will require  either Halal certification or they must be muslim owned establishment.

I am selling other non-perishable goods (e.g. clothes, decoration, etc). Which platform should I join?

Shopee will be the platform for you to start your eCommerce journey.

When can I start uploading my products in my store?

Once your application is approved, you will be able to start uploading your product listings. You may wish to refer to the training materials on how to improve your product listings to gain more traffic.

For amendments to my store information, who will be assisting me?

You will be responsible for any information uploaded or amendments required on your store. Hence, you will be required to ensure the accuracy of the information uploaded in your store profile.

How can I make my store stand out more in order to get people to visit?

You may wish to consider purchasing our add-on packages which will boost the visibility of your store.


Who will assist me with regards to any changes made to the store or product listings?

You will be responsible for any information uploaded or amendments required on your store. Hence, you will be required to ensure the accuracy of your product listing.

How will I know when my shop receives a new order?

There will be notification send to you by our partners.

How should I pack my item for delivery?

Please follow the guidelines provided by our partners which is available on their Help Center. Do be advised that our merchants have the right to refuse pick up if item are not packed according to their guidelines.


How will I receive the payment for all my sales proceed?

The payment from the sales proceed (nett of the necessary transaction fees) will be processed directly by our partners.

Who can I reach out to with regard to advertising on SMCCI campaign page?

You may wish to reach out to us by sending an email to 

I wish to speak to someone from SMCCI about your platform partners. Who can I reach out to?

You may wish to send an email to