How you can safely celebrate Hari Raya with the family this year

In light of the tightened Safe Management Measures (SMM) implemented recently, Muslims in Singapore look forward to celebrating a more muted Hari Raya this year. However, while we should remain vigilant and responsible, this shouldn’t dampen the spirit of Hari Raya!

As they say – Jauh di mata, dekat digitally! Here are some creative but safe ways you can reconnect with your loved ones, near or far!

1. Deliver their favourite Raya dishes to their doorstep

As we can’t feast on our favourite Hari Raya dishes together physically, who’s to say we can’t still have a meal together! With Bazaar Kita’s wide selection of hot meals and snacks merchants, you can deliver the favourite food of your loved ones, right to their doorstep! 

Make this moment more sentimental by having this meal together via Zoom, where you can catch up and give your Salaams! 


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2. Bake Kuih together at home

A yearly affair for most, spending Ramadan baking kuihs with the family always creates the best memories we’ll remember for a long time. Whether or not the kuihs turn out nice, this simple activity involves everyone in the family, even the little ones!

To make it extra special this year, bake a few more batches of kuih so you can deliver them to your relatives that you won’t be able to visit due to the SMMs. This simple, heartwarming gesture will easily bring a smile to their faces!

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3. Have a mini family photoshoot

As part of the SMMs, we’re encouraged to stay home as much as we can. But not going out for Hari Raya celebrations does not mean that you can’t dress up and take top-quality photos for the ‘gram!

Not to worry, all you have to do is dress up and look your best in this year’s Raya outfits with the family, and take a few photos at home in a mini photoshoot for memories that last a lifetime!

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4. Visit >10 houses at one time with video calls

For the second year in a row, we can’t visit many houses in a day like we used to before the pandemic. This year, as part of our ways to celebrate Hari Raya safely and responsibly, we can arrange for quality time with family members through Zoom calls! This way, you can still visit >10 houses at once, kind of!

This simple yet heartwarming way shows that we can still have a quality Raya with our loved ones, even when we’re not together physically.

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5. Schedule visits responsibly

While we’re still allowed a limited number of guests this year, we should still adhere to the SMMs to avoid a wider spread of the virus amongst the community. One way to do this is to responsibly plan your visits and visits from guests to your home!

Oh, and don’t lose sleep on this scheduling because we have a month of celebrations, and you still have the weekends and public holidays for visiting!

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