bazaar 2021

The last week of Ramadan always screams BUSY! One one hand, we’re sourcing our the best Raya outfits and whipping up amazing dishes in time for Hari Raya, while on the other hand, we’re cleaning every corner of the house making sure everything is spick and span before the arrival of our guests! 

While the tightened Safe Management Measures mean that we can’t have too many guests over as compared to the previous years, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t get your house to look picture perfect, much like those houses you see in all those Interior Design websites! Here are our list of Home Decor must-haves that not only make your home Raya-ready, but also Instagram-worthy because, don’t we all want a good Hari Raya OOTD photo?

1. Fairy Lights (Lampu Lap Lip)


Nothing else shouts Hari Raya better than Lampu Lap Lip does. By dressing up your house entrance or windows with colourful and bright lights, people from the first floor or even the neighbouring block can already feel the Raya atmosphere shining through (yes, pun intended)!

With Starled Technology’s many products, you can level up your Lap Lip game instead of sticking to just the basics! We suggest opting for the less-common light-bulb shaped lights (shown in image)! These will for sure make for a good Instagram photo!

bazaar 2021
Bazaar 2021

2. Wall Decor


If you’re not a fan of lights, no problem! Creating a good photo-op indoors is easy, simply have a few beautiful wall pieces! Our friends at NZS Resources sells beautifully-crafted wall pieces that will make for the best feature wall in your home.

Having these in your home will definitely have guests gravitating to the feature wall, and before you know it, it will be the highlight of your home!

bazaar 2021

3. Front Door/Gate Decor


A warm welcome starts at the front door, so welcome your guests with style with front door/gate Islamic Art Pieces! Theses beautiful pieces by Little.HD ensures that your guests are greeted in the most gracious way there is!

Little.HD also has in-home Islamic art pieces, and also offer sticker deisgns! So head over to get an integrated deco design for your home now!

BONUS! Dibea


Of course, how else will we get a spick and span, Raya-ready home without the right cleaning essentials? With Dibea, you get wallet-friendly cleaning equipment that ensures every corner of your house is free of dust and dirt!

Their products are also ergonomical and don’t take up too much space, so you can simply store them at the side of your living room when you’re not using!

bazaar 2021