Top Picks for Iftar this Ramadan

Want something nice and filling for Iftar but you just can’t seem to decide what to have? Loved spending your evenings at Bazaars with some finger food but it’s not quite hitting the spot? Maybe you’re just sick and tired of travelling and queuing at Bazaars as we approach the last 10 days of Ramadan. Fret not – as we’ve got just the solution! On top of the awesome spread of snacks and retail options at Bazaar Kita @ WGS Level 2 (yes, it’s still open!) and at Curbside Crafters, we’ve got GRABFOOD and GRABMART on speed dial to help you get your Iftar meals set! Below are some of our top picks from Bazaar Kita that you might enjoy!


Get a hearty meal from Istimewa Nasi Padang that will satisfy both your appetite and your heart, with their authentic home-style Malay food! Instilling happiness since 1989, this community-famous food stall never fails to deliver consistent and generous portions of pure deliciousness. Their signature dishes include Ayam Goreng Istimewa, Beef Rendang, Sotong Sambal, Sambal Belacan and the list goes on! They’re having a Ramadan and Raya Eve promotion for Nasi Ambeng Platters and meal sets PERFECT for sharing with your loved ones! Find them on GRABFOOD or on their website here:

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HJ Waliti HJ Marzuki

When we’re talking about long-time community favourites, we CAN NOT forget about the 50-year-old hawker stall at Haig Road selling the most affordable bowls of noodles ranging from Mee Rebus to Soto Ayam – going for as low as $3! Skip their LONG queues at the hawker stalls when you order with them on GRABFOOD!

Hamidah’s Kitchen @ Kaff Kafe

Whenever you crave delicious Middle-Eastern food, let Hamidah’s Kitchen be the restaurant you go for. Another authentic favourite coupled with rustic flair and big portions, Hamidah’s Kitchen can provide you with a wide range of Middle-Eastern meals that will leave you feeling like you’ve travelled across oceans and been on camels’ backs! You’ll be spoiled for choice with their extensive menu and special Ramadan and Raya discounts. Get them on demand from GRABFOOD, or visit their Facebook page to find out more!

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Time for Thai

There’s always a time for the sweet, sour and spicy flavour combination that is so familiar to Thai Cuisine! Thanks to Time for Thai, we can get our rich, Halal, Thai food fix without booking a flight to Phuket or Krabi! Experience a slice of Thailand in any of their outlets across Singapore, or simply get them delivered on-demand with GRABFOOD!


Change up your iftar plans with something straight out of Europe. Introducing unique European-inspired meals that are equally as delectable as how they look! There’s a treat for everyone – flaky and sweet pastries for those who crave something light, as well as hearty rice or pasta for those who want to fully indulge in the burst of flavour with each bite. If you can’t reserve a spot at their restaurant at Vision Exchange, have them delivered to you via GRABFOOD!


Snacks are a must for both Iftar and Sahur as we gather with our loved ones and give our meals a proper closing! Get something for everyone with these trendy and unique bags of addictive seasoned treats! Enjoy crispy salmon skin and light potato chips that will surely have you diving your hands into the bag after every bite. If one bag isn’t enough to go around, don’t worry! IRVINS is offering bundle promotions where you can get as many bags as your tummy desires without emptying your pockets!


Complete your Iftar meal with bottles of thirst-quenching milk coffee and tea that come in a variety of fun flavours! On top of offering top quality brews with a multitude of colour and flavour variations, is offering limited-time exclusive Raya treats such as cakes and tarts! The best part, they offer same-day delivery that allows you to end your meal on a sweet note. Get them from their official website or from Shopee here: