Don’t Spend Too Much Time Cooking!

Hari Raya is right around the corner! This year’s Ramadan seems to flash by this year as we ease into the new post-pandemic normal. We hope this month was filled with blessings and good memories, especially with the opening of many Ramadan bazaars across Singapore – including Bazaar Kita! In fact, Bazaar Kita @ Wisma Geylang Serai Level 2 is still ongoing; AND we have another indoor space at Curbside Crafters (North Bridge Road) where you can get clothes, accessories and food-to-go!

Anyway, with Syawal fast approaching, I’m sure many of you are scrambling to do the finishing touches on your Raya prep – including getting your Hari Raya dishes sorted. Are you worried you can’t get the ingredients in time, or that you simply don’t have time to cook or bake? Today is your lucky day! We’ve got convenient and affordable options for you to ease your stress!

Instant Seasoning Paste
The rise in popularity of instant pastes catered to busy mothers and those who never had the privilege of learning how to cook from scratch but would still like to get their hands dirty and put love on the table. There is no shame in getting instant pastes, for it is consistent, convenient, and most importantly, full-proof! We’ve got two Bazaar Kita merchants who can help speed up your cooking with their delicious instant pastes!

Wahyu Brand

Get home favourites like Lemak Cili Padi and Ayam Masak Merah for under $7! Complete your meal with an assortment of Sambal Belacan types!

Asyura Paste

Supplying over 130 restaurants and stores in Singapore, this fast-growing business offers pastes that are restaurant-quality and authentic. They’re bringing convenience without compromising taste!

Frozen Food
Leave all the seasonings and confusing recipes to the professionals. Isn’t it relieving knowing that you simply have to heat food up and make it presentable? That also means more time for other things that matter- such as your Raya clothes and reconnecting with your loved ones. Our recommendations below are specific to finger foods and small meals that are perfect for crowds this coming Hari Raya!


BBQ Wholesale  

Have a mini barbeque at home for everyone to enjoy during Hari Raya! All you have to do is input the number of people coming for your gathering and they’ll offer packages and recommended food combinations! Best part, the mini grill is included if you ever need it!


Add on to your home-cooked meals with frozen snacks and meals that would otherwise take hours to do! Don’t know how to make pastry dough for your favourite puffs? No worries, they’ve got you covered with an array of fillings!

Tisha’s Food

Can’t decide between trendy and traditional? Why not have both? Stock your fridge with ready-to-go frozen finger food and serve them to your guests!

For Your Other Needs
Bazaar Kita is comprehensive and thorough when it comes to making your shopping experience great. Therefore, the merchants below are recommended for those who might know they need the items before looking at them! Of course, other than frozen and instant food options, Bazaar Kita offers hot meals on-demand with Grab (read more about them in last week’s entry!) and an unending list of retail merchants to fully prepare you for Hari Raya!

A-Jem Yummy Treats  
Craving for some swiss roll cakes, cookies or puddings? They’re offering various kinds of sweet treats that can lift your mood any day!

Is it challenging to get food and snacks for your young ones, especially during Raya preparation where you have a million things to keep track of? Let NotACandyStore ease your woes with healthy and flavourful baby food!