5 Trendy Home decorations To Include For The Festive Season this 2022!

With easing COVID mandates in time for the festive season this year, many Muslims in Singapore are eager to celebrate Ramadan as they tap into the nostalgic buzz of excitement. Before the pandemic changed celebratory customs worldwide, Ramadan was an opportunity for many families to start afresh – especially when notions of forgiveness and peace are synonymous with the holy month. Starting afresh also saw families revamping their homes to suit the “vibe” better. It is essential to prepare our homes for the many gatherings we can now have, whether to have iftar together or forge close bonds with our friends and relatives after two years apart. 

With that, seeing home decorations revolutionise to keep with the times means that we too can dive into celebrating Ramadan and Syawal this 2022 with our homes following modern trends. Here are five trendy home pieces you can get from Bazaar Kita for Ramadan!

1. Standing or Wall Mirrors

This Raya, make your house appear more spacious and bright with mirrors of varying sizes! Never underestimate a good quality, sturdy and minimalistic-style mirror around your living space. Not only are they practical, but their light-reflective quality will also make your house appear glass-like and modern. 

Gelareh Gallery offers an assortment of mirror sizes and colours, among other decorative Islamic art pieces, to spruce up your home this festive season! Lucky for us, you can find them on Shopee and Bazaar Kita!

2. Bright, Colourful Lights

Decorating your home with “lampu lap-lip” is a must-have Hari Raya tradition to signal the joyous interactions with our loved ones. Having multi-coloured lights can turn a gloomy space into a whole new ambience! With more awareness of climate sustainability, it is also our responsibility to play our part and invest in lights that are energy efficient. That’s where StarLED Technology can help! Get affordable and simple-looking LED lights from Bazaar Kita to decorate your home this Ramadan!

3. Books

Fill empty spaces in your house with lines of books! Make your rooms feel cosy and warm with the classic European decorative style. Besides giving off Harry Potter vibes, lining your shelves and countertops with books – specifically Islamic-centric and ASEAN novels – encourages everyone to upgrade their mind in this holy month! Gaining knowledge during the long fasting days in Ramadan allows you to be productive, and how else to do so without making books highly convenient to reach out to? 

Muslimedia Books is an established distributor for an assortment of books, selling them at affordable rates on Bazaar Kita. Their books are familiar resources for educational institutions, so you know they’re highly credible!

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Photo Credits

4. Mason Jars

Don’t know where to store your kuehs? Whether they’re for Raya or to munch on during iftar, putting kuehs in transparent mason jars has been a growing trend. Offering a clean and organised look on your tabletops, they also allow you to see the delicious gems in them. On Shopee, you can buy mason jars at a low price in time for Ramadan! What can I put in mason jars? Sweet Seduction Bakery by Haidah bakes addictive Suji and ghee-based almond cookies that will disappear from the jars as quickly as you fill them up! 

Sweet Seduction Bakery, a humble home-based business, aims to share her bakes this festive season! Get them from Shopee during Bazaar Kita here:

5. Baskets and Clear Containers 

Does organising your things seem like such a difficult task lately? Containers are either too big or too small for the things you intend to store away. Even if you find the right storage box, it is either an eyesore or does not match your current aesthetic. HOUZE can help by offering clear bins and timeless Scandinavian rattan baskets to store anything, anywhere! Not only are they practical, but they are also multi-functional and caters to all of your organisational needs. Save some stress and energy this Ramadan as you clean up in time for relatives to visit with HOUZE!