From Sugee Cakes to K-Mart essentials to really really rare rempah spices, the last place we’d expect to find all these items would be GrabMart! Yes, you heard that right. With Bazaar Kita, GrabMart is working with these merchants to bring you your favourite hard-to-find items straight to your doorstep, at just a click away! 

So no more endlessly searching on Google for your Halal Kimchi or battling the crowds at Geylang for that one rempah your mum is looking for! Bazaar Kita brings all of these to you, at 100% convenience. Read on to find out more!

bazaar 2021

1. Sugee Cakes


Who doesn’t love Sugee Cakes? Soft, chewy and just the right amount of sweetness, Sugee Cakes are a traditional favourite we never knew could have a modern makeover!

Our friends at Beardy Bakes whisks Sugee cakes on the daily, and even serves up the modern and defnitely photogenic Sugee Bundt Cakes that are sure to catch the eye of your guests! P.S. Their cakes are extremely delicious, so be sure to get extras so you have enough to go around!

2. Halal Tteok-bokki


Over the years, we saw how almost every aspect of the Korean cuisine manages to become a trending food item, one way or another. From Korean Fried Chicken, Korean BBQ to even something to simple like instant noodles, we’re always on the hunt for the next best thing!

The common problem was to find these trendy items, but Halal! Thanks to Halal Hanjib, you can get your Korean grocery favourites such as instant Tteok-bokki and Gochujang Sauce, Halal Certified! So get yours today!

bazaar 2021
bazaar 2021

3. Frozen Malay Food


For the busy parents, whipping up a whole dish to fill the little tummies is never an easy task. What more for the working parents!

Thanks to As-Sufi, you can choose from their wide range of frozen food items such as Begedil, Curry Puffs, Frozen Pratas, Samosas and more! The best part, you can choose all that you want on GrabMart, and have them delivered to your doorstep in 45 minutes or less, just in time for Buka Puasa!

Oh, you can even have these for Sahur! Two times the convenience!



4. Halal Natural Honey


Let’s all agree that our diet starts AFTER Ramadan….at least we hope so! A whole month of fasting often comes with feasting everytime we break our fasts, especially when we meet up with our friends for Iftar! All that greasy and large amounts of foods often leads to us gaining just a little bit of weight. But let’s not forget the feast that comes on Hari Raya itself! All the kuih, sayur lodeh, lontong, rendang…. need we say more?

Yes, let’s get healthy right now! With Hmm Honey Shop, you can get Halal natural honey at affordable prices! Here’s to a sweet treat without the guilt!


bazaar 2021
bazaar 2021

5. Halal Instant Churros


We don’t know about you, but churros are definitely a go-to sweet treat we’d get whenever we visit the physical bazaars! These hot, sweet and super delicious treats come in so many different flavours, it’s almost too difficult to just pick one!

Thankfully, at Foodcrumz, you can choose from different flavoured churros that are all ready to cook. The churros are ready in just one minute, so you can fulfil your churros cravings quickly!